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JoinMe v2: Locate your friends

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on Thursday, November 19, 2009 , under | comments (3)

JoinMe is an application to locate a friend and see his movements in real time after acceptance of his hand. This new version offers three main novelties:

- A larger map with the possibility of automatically refocus
- A history of recent invitations
- Direct access to the positioning of a contact by tapping his photo

The coupon code to save for this application via twitter tomorrow.

Download JoinMe on appstore (0.79 €)

We find everything about iPhone, even Britney Spears!

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on , under | comments (8)

She only wanted it: Britney Spears arrives on iPhone with an application called simply "It's Britney!" For € 1.59 you will be entitled to all the news of the star but also the exclusive privilege of putting your head next to hers with a great montage.
But the more "fun" is probably when you shake the application ...

This time for sure, there is an application for all (the world) on iPhone!

Download It's Britney on the appstore (1.59 €)

Black Friday 2009: significant reductions in future

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on , under | comments (2)

This year's Black Friday (this is the Friday after Thanksgiving when Apple offers discounts on its products, a way to launch the Christmas sales) Apple looks tempting. Indeed announced significant reductions on the iPod (30%), Mac (25%) and accessories (15%) of online store and normally physical Apple Store. These discounts are to be confirmed because they seem to really matter compared to previous years:

It so happens November 27. Day not miss to do business.

iViP Black: application reserved for the rich

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on , under | comments (1)

iViP Black is a very special application reserved for those who have the deep pockets are filled (thereby hopefully addressing the largest number of readers). Indeed this application issued after verification of your bank account provides access to everything a rich person to ask ... or not!

Count 800 euros for implementing black (I dare you not put the link) and 400 euros for vip Blue. And yes you can find everything and anything on the appstore.

If ever you're really interested is the official site

20H59: cultural events around you

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on , under | comments (0)

20H59 site dedicated to cultural events in France is now available in iPhone application. This will help you find and discover the shows / outings around your home with a very valuable facility. Indeed geolocation plays his role very well and lets you know the performances of the day to come:

Each event has its own page with detailed information (time, price, date, description ...)

It is also possible to find an event without using geolocation.
In summary, a good application for a minimum price that you will no problem from time to time.

Download 20H59 on the appstore (0.79 €)

Application on video in the following section

Worms Express: A streamlined version of Worms

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on , under | comments (1)

Team17 Worms Express has released a lite version to 0.79 € which offers fewer features but can make game of worms at lower cost. In this version there is no multiplayer mode, fewer weapons and less game mode

Download Worms Express on the appstore (0.79 €)
Download Worms on the appstore (3.99 €)

IPhone game Super Monkey Ball 2 upcoming events (many catches)

Posted by Ahmad Ababnih on , under | comments (3)

If a game is closely associated with the history of the iPhone, this is the game of Sega: Super Monkey Ball. It has indeed been shown during the keynote of 2008 which heralded the arrival of the AppStore, it was one of the first games available from a big name in the game and then he used the tilt sensor iPhone to control your monkey.

So for those who liked Super Monkey Ball or for those who bought an iPhone recently and have never cracked, know that Super Monkey Ball 2 is in preparation. Here are many catches, we feel that the graphics have evolved into a little more than a year knowing that a specific work on the handling is announced.

The game should be available in early December, offering 115 levels in 5 worlds, multiplayer games and mini bowling.







To revise or wait, Super Monkey Ball is proposed here on the AppStore at a price of 2.99 euros.

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