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Dicomalin: more than a dictionary for your iPhone

Thursday, October 29, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 12:38 PM

Diagonal proposes a French dictionary for your iPhone / iPod Touch. But beware, this application offers more than a dictionary.

Above all, Dicomalin a dictionary is very comprehensive: nouns, verbs, abbreviations, names, acronyms, all this is available. All words are clickable, very practical.

Each search word (a search history is available) provides a definition with examples, with a clear interface. Second category, the profile of the word: the singular form, plural, hyphenation, word frequency of all the millions of words, etc.. Then the group of synonyms. Then, we propose the word phrases, with different expressions. For verbs, Dicomalin offers a complete grammar.

In figures (from the Editor, I have not checked!)

90 000 definitions
3 000 000 synonyms
8 000 verbs
12 500 phrases
4 000 names

Second interest Dicomalin, Discovery mode:

The application is an endless parade of words, you chose from: "all words" or "uncommon words. If you click on one of them, the word added to a basket which contains definitions of unfamiliar words. Not bad for storing vocabulary.

Third mode Dicomalin: games.

Indeed, Dicomalin offers two game modes:

An anagram game, where you choose the number of letters of the word (from 4 to 12 letters). For those unfamiliar, it must form words from letters of a word given. If you dry, 4 indices are available: -20 points for the definition, -10 points for first, second or last letter.

Second game, the bigram: same principles, except that here we must make two words with the letters of a word.

Dicomalin is a very good dictionary. And what is good has a price: 6,99 €. I can already hear those who say it is too expensive. Then you say that a paper dictionary costs close to 10 times more!

Available on the Appstore here (16.1 MB)

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