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Flash CS5 generates iPhone applications

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 3:13 AM

Adobe announced that Flash CS5 which will soon be available to generate applications iPhone valid. Ipa, ready to be submitted on the appstore. He "enough" so to know the flash and action script 3 for developing iPhone applications.

Besides the applications already available on the appstore have done this without anybody noticing. It's That Roach Game (free), Chroma Circuit (0.79 €) Trading Stuff (free) Just Letters (0,79 €), South Park Avatar Creator (0.79 €) Fickleblox (0 , 79 €) and Red Hood (free).

iGeneration noted that some of these games, however, were relatively slow compared to their complexity. But for now the application and this feature is not completed, it will then retest the tool once fully developed.

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