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Geohot seeks fault!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 11:39 AM

Since the release of firmware 3.1, the Desimlock became impossible! Neither the DevTeam, which had output Ultrasn0w nor does Geohot arrived to find a loophole in the new Baseband 

Yet receiving thousands of messages for weeks Geohot has always refused to unlock our phone favorite since the release of FW 3.1 

But this night, against all odds he has officially announced via Twitter that he would finally find a flaw in the Baseband 05.11.07

At that MuscleNerd member of the inescapable Dev Team also announced that he worked on the unlocked without giving details.

Many of you hope to unlock your iPhone 3G/3G with firmware 3.1 or higher OTB
To follow so ...

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