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QuizQuizQuiz: Test your general knowledge, solo or up to 5 players

Monday, October 26, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 6:29 AM

The editor Four Door Lemon leaves a game in the form of quiz. This game's features can be played alone or with others, here are 4 game modes: 

The solo modes: "Beat the Clock": Respond to a maximum of issues at a time you specify. You must choose the difficulty (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Expert - Mastermind), time (30 seconds to 2 minutes) and frequency variation of themes (1 to 3 questions per topic. Once the setup done, you have to choose between 4 themes, extremely varied (and lately, there's even a series on Barack Obama!): Geography, science, music, celebrities, TV, sports .. 

The second solo mode called "QuizMaster": same principle as before, but here time is infinite, but you are allowed only three wrong answers. Even settings for difficulty and variation of themes. 

The multiplayer modes: 

Mode "Challenge": 

Alternately, up to a maximum of 5 players (3 lives per player), answer the same questions, whose topics are random. Choose from a range of avatars (is not the most successful game), play. Then the application displays a summary of the score after each question. 

Mode "Turn": Same rules, 3 lives for each player, but the questions (on the same subject) vary among players. 

There is a price system: rapid response, "D'oh" (reference to Homer Simpson), unfortunately I have failed to consult them after. The humor is also present here, the game reminds you to go eat, take a break to recharge your iPhone. Another very positive (which could make the difference with its competitors to my taste): the ability to change the language issues: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. Not bad for spicing up the play and train in another language. 

In brief: 

The game is very driven, much aid is available through (i) in the bottom left of your screen. 

Good point lower than I found it unfortunate that if you plant, you will not know what the right answer (which is yet to me the importance of this kind of game: learning) Second point: in my taste, the themes go too fast. Shortly after arriving, he must already change .. Too bad. 

The soundscape: Hmmmm .. Not bad .. But the iPhone is no iPod?! 

Well, for € 1.59, the game is quite successful, some weaknesses to improve, and it will be perfect!

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