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Shazam raises funds

Monday, October 26, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 7:28 AM

It is an iPhone application that characterizes exactly what he can do with an iPhone and this since the early iPhone applications. This is Shazam, the software that you listen to any piece of music that connects to its server, recognizes and displays information: title, singer and links to youtube or iTunes.

It is regularly cited as the one of the best iPhone apps and announced 50 million users (ca seem much compared to the number of iPhone and iPod Touch outstanding).

This software is free but has found a clear economic model as just raising funds. It is interesting to note that whichever ticket TUAW is that Apple would have helped to meet with venture capitalists who have invested.

But with investment, said development and expected growth, it should be related to the sale of music and advertising.

We learn on this occasion that the "tagging" of music would be limited to 5 titles by now I s (which has already met the limit?) And Shazam could be offered a version of pay ignoring the limit.

It is a pity that the model who seemed virtuous to pay on purchased music via the free application, and even advertising revenue based on broad adoption related to free, becomes a very classical solution of application fee.

Would you be willing to pay for it? So what?

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