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XenoWars: a mix between Cartoon Wars and Bejeweled

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 11:04 AM

Loco Ent. Simplifies your life: Can not decide between the excellent Cartoon Wars and the classic Bejeweled? XenoWars is for you! (and for all lovers of good games) Xenowars you into the world of Cartoon Wars, because here the main goal is to destroy the enemy castle by producing soldiers. There are 10 different units, from simple soldier to the Angel of the Giant Mage .. To produce these units, it takes Mana. How to get it? Here comes the next Bejeweled.

A checkerboard is right, the goal being to align 3 identical gems. But be careful here, the colors are specific:

Yellow: get the gold you can orer and improved com your units, your castle, the power of gems, and gain total Mana, etc.. Gold can also be obtained by killing units (Kill Bonus).

Red: The enemy is attacked by a spell

Blue: Get the Mana needed to produce units (50 for the Warrior in 1000 for the Angel). Mana can also be obtained by killing enemy units

Green: Getting the "Attack points" needed for the special attacks of your units, causing more damage

Violet: Attack + Mana

Cyan: Mana + Gold

Orange: Attack + Gold

The game features two slots for backup, a clean interface, sound effects specific to each unit and an epic theme music. The graphics are nice, simple but effective.

The game becomes a bit repetitive, but IA form of waves of increasingly powerful, the spices a little.

Major downside: no multiplayer mode for this kind of game, it's a pity!

The main positive points: the price: € 0.79, its originality, its long lifetime (even if the game is repeated in force)

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