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Admob bought by Google

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 2:11 AM

IPhone users know AdMob, whether for commercials they host and display in pages or in mobile applications or through studies that provide regularly through their distribution network very impressive Mobile.

In short, AdMob is a leading if not the leader in mobile advertising. And as Google announced they would take the groceries, they also have a solution for mobile advertising, but it deserved a bit of a boost, so they simply bought AdMob for the modest sum of 750 million dollars .

Omar, the founder (happy) to AdMob says in the note he had already founded two companies in the mobile, they had never met with success as others. The motive was the future, and everyone wondered if he did not remain forever the future. Omar explains that the turning point (it had felt good!) Came with the iPhone and its Internet-related crimes permaent data he has popularized.

AdMob will continue to operate, but will benefit from the power of Google.

Bravo to the next ;-).

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