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Hanoi: a puzzle game and patience on your iPhone

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 4:50 AM

The Publisher Nimblebit proposes the application Hanoi, a puzzle game whose rules are simple: Move the pile of chips left on the site right. To spice it all, the chips can pile up as the biggest pleased to small.

I have only tested the Lite version, which deleted the default progress in the game (at home in all cases), which is apparently different in the Plus version (for 0.79 €), which proposes backups, management of records, etc.

This game puts our patience and our nerves strained, very basic but not uninteresting, however. The graphics are not (and could not really be) strong point, to avoid monotony, the background scenery changes each level.

I enjoyed this game, and we are surprised at our return stack blocks from time to time. I recommend it, test it, it is free. And then if you like, then why not test the Plus version?

Lite version (0.6 MB)

Plus version (0.79 €) (0.9 MB)

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  1. This game sure sounds interesting. Looks like a mind game to me. Kinda addictive to play. I have played a game similar to this, might as well try this too.

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