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Send real postcards from the iPhone is possible: we tested Oopost!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 2:06 AM

The iPhone can take pictures and send them from his vacation spot directly to its correspondents, if they can read emails. But you can send real postcards created with your own picture is better suited for the new grandmother or persons attached to the real paper postcard, know that's also why there is an application!

The service offered by the software and the team Oopost can select one of its files, type about 14 lines of text, then add the recipient's address and ... This is a personalized postcard will be sent to your correspondent.

The sequence of images and pictures of cards received:


Tests have shown satisfactory results: the paper used not as thick as a postcard trade, is thicker than a photograph. The stamps used are real postage stamp, in our case, they were even more beautiful, it was not the basic stamps. The presentation of the text is done in a font style manual (not customizable), it is logical but sometimes a little difficult to read, may be that allowing fewer lines of text with a font size slightly greater than would be practical . The photo is printed properly, no complaints about quality, not whether a print glossy photo provided.

Seen more closely:

Small flat on enrollment cancellation made by the Post Office for mailing, which in the case of the first card, came to eat on the text, making it difficult to read. This was not the case on the second, or La Poste has a classical stamp. After verification, we Oopost said that the second card was the one that corresponds to the items now.

Next deadline for receipt, it was less than a week in both cases (about 5 days) which is very proper for a postcard.

During the design of the card, if you stop running, you will not lose your job, you can resume later.

As any solution, improvements can be made: the editor ooPodst tells us that for the next major release will be possible to add templates on the photographs in order to customize the photo. Example, simply by shaking the iPhone, a template will appear around the photo.

An important point will arive also: By the end of November you will receive an email when the postcard actually part of the post.

It remains an item on the billing, the software can be credited with a paypal account or credit card directly from the iPhone. Each card costs 2.5 euros, it remains high compared to a standard card, is that ... This is not a standard card is your photo! And done from anywhere, without without pencil and stamp!

The software is available free Oopost on the AppStore.

We also took this test and our trade with the team Oopost to a small interview Francois Giang, co-founder of we responded:

When you get that idea? how? Since one year, during a trip in the heart of traditional Vietnam that I understand the draft concept. Impossible for me to find a postcard to send some of this country, my family stayed in France. By cons, to my great astonishment, I found easily cybercafes to communicate with the world. Disappointed, he could not share that virtually imagine a concept for using the Web, send a real postcard to those who are dear to us, so that is on the planet. Back in France, I discuss at length with my future partner. After a market analysis, our project was launched.

Why the name oopost? Oopost was chosen for two reasons. The first is that we needed a word that helps the user to remember our card mailed from which has sprung the word "POST". The two "OO" is just the hallmark of many start-up of the Internet in reference to the giants Google and Yahoo. This creates OOPOST name, a name easy to pronounce in all languages and especially easy to remember.

How are you? We are two partners from the world of web and computer.
We work closely with 2 people and specialists in marketing communications.

What is the volume of postcards sent monthly?
All I can say is that this service starts to grow. We've launched this service on iPhone since the beginning of 2009 so for now we do not have enough visibility to give you a concrete figure. It will give rdv in 1 year?

What improvements you are planning for the future? We think about portability of our implementation on other vendors like Blackberry or Android.
Regarding improvements in our application. We will leave by the end of the month a new version with improvements especially related to ergonomics for even better user experience. In addition, the customer will receive an automatic email when the postcard actually part of the post. We have to expand our collection of beautiful stamps. Now every postcard sent will have a stamp with the theme that matches the photo. Example for the holiday of the year we have a large collection of stamps in order to personalize the postcard and thus satisfy our customers for their greeting cards.

See you down the price of cards in the future and how? Our goal is of course a cheaper cards to our customers in the future. This will be possible with the volume generated cards ordered that we can pass directly to lower rates of impressions with our printers.

Other projects? We are discussing with advertisers to offer a model 100% free to the user supported by advertising. Customers will soon submit their travel photos, events, evenings with friends, parties or simple thoughts of all kinds, FREE, everywhere in France, choosing from a list an advertiser sponsor, which, appear on his map. The advertiser then becomes a "friend" who helps the unique and private communication between several people wishing to share their emotions. The "sponsor" is selected in the affinities of the sender or recipient. Infallible targeting marketing. This concept already exists in the United States, and he meets a great success!

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