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TomTom iPhone: new version with support V1 iPhone and iPod Touch

Thursday, November 19, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 5:53 AM

A new version of software for iPhone GPS car navigation from TomTom is available.

It adds support for V1 iPhone and iPod Touch provided of course they are used with this kit TomTom iPhone, since they do not have GPS.

In other news, that's indicated TomTom:
  1. Improved display summary routes
  2. POI updates
  3. Updating maps v 8.30 to v8.35
  4. Database IQroute update
  5. Guiding advanced lane changes in landscape mode
  6. Addition of an "emergency menu" Help me "
  7. Ability to set the alert sound on the radar and speed limits 

Users: updates useful to you? That give your first return?

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