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With the application Ichef on your Iphone, more excuses not to cook!

Saturday, November 7, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 4:35 AM

The Iphonautes / cooks are likely to find their happiness with this application, it is very comprehensive and offers a more indisputable compared to similar apps already existing, namely, small instructional videos very well made (internet connection required course), you can therefore little lucky, receive tips and tricks from a real chef who also has a lot of humor (I particularly recommend the video "moment like a beef stew ..." palatable and hilarious) that you ask for?

Note, however, these little video clips are available (yet) on some dishes.

The home page (I dare not say "menu" ....) Offers several approaches, make your choice: Type flat - Thematic Catalog, etc ... ..

Of course there are the main functions: Searching for a flat by keyword, list of races combined, favorites, history, increment quantity / guests (great practice) but also topics such bonus "Finger Food" (lots of good things for your cocktail parties), "Broke but greedy" for small budgets, "Fast and Good" as its name suggests, and many more ...

The level of difficulty of each dish is symbolized by a small symbol "hat" 1, 2 or 3 according to difficulty.

A little more also very significant, the application has a function "Restriction" is very well seen!

Finally if you really miss imagination or if you have been playing, shake your iPhone and it will select for you a recipe at random.

If despite all that you do not ... "satisfied" you can return a few cents Euros get additional revenue.

Go a tiny bit of criticism anyway, but really to quibble, the pictures of the dishes are misguided and a second charge a little more annoying, there is no suggestion to combine dishes to drinks, it's a pity!

But overall it is a wonderful success, I gave 3 stars; -)

At your furnace and ... ... Bon Appetit!

The application iChef is for sale at the Apple Store at a price of 2.99 €.

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