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The worm that attacks the iPhone jailbrakes

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 4:04 AM

This is a first that will do (a little) shake those jailbroken and fiddled their machine without really knowing what they fasaient ... Indeed, a 'to' (software) has made the news earlier this week by infecting iPhone in Australia.

The latter, fortunately harmless, merely by the effect of changing the wallpaper of the iPhone to replace infected by the photo of a ... crooner of the 80s (well known Rick Astley!).

The flaw that allows it to spread and reach some iPhone is tied to installing the ssh protocol (sorry, it's a bit harsh, I know ) On the machine jailbreakée, while retaining the password alpine default (again sorry).

The verse could have had more serious consequences for users (sending data, SMS, address book etc.) ... Changing the password is the best answer to this risk.

We had already seen a disturbing case of manipulation of the iPhone is even remotely via SSH, then after this warning free, remind him if necessary: the jailbreak (and other non-standard manipulation) is not trivial is not supported by Apple and even simple interfaces exist, all this must be done knowingly and not simply 'to see'!

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