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Geohot again and again it ....

Friday, October 30, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 10:48 AM

Geohot, a few days ago, began his personal challenge to unlock the new baseband 05.11.07 FW 3.1.2

Today we learn via his blog, it looks more than positive ... It has already published the first results that can be defined as almost acquired! 

Through a code written directly by him, Geohot managed to take control of the baseband and then comes to communicate smoothly with Desimlock part of the iPhone!

It will however still a little time before seeing land named its new software for the occasion: BlackSn0w!

Geohot addresses so now the GUI of this new tool so that users have a solution readily usable. 

He also said on his blog to be very tired, often working day and night. It will then rest a little before finalizing it all!  

An intriguing question: How a young man of 20 years happens to him alone to find such a feat, so Team full (DevTeam) do not?

For those who know it, the DevTeam has never found itself ... it has always appealed to Geohot, and it was he who exploits for them ... whether in FW 1. xx or 2.xx and that continuous FW 3.xx  

But this time, not sure Geohot gives its information to the DevTeam

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