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IPhone game: draw your own circuits and ball ... play with (video)

Friday, October 30, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 10:39 AM

The game is original Snap'n Tap. It does indeed use the camera in the iPhone to allow you to create the gaming environment with a simple paper and pencil.

Thus, you draw a circuit on a piece of paper, optionally with or without gridlines, then you take a photo with the iPhone and it is you'll be able to browse your run on a ball, a basketball or a football of bladder.

Here are some pictures and a video:

The physics of the ball chosen is actually managed by the software with his rebounds, and the tilt of the iPhone. One option to 'see' on screen how the software has detected the traces to verify that there is no noise on the image. In our case, detection went very well.

The following video: 

A final game more original than taking because there is no real purpose except to make mazes, but it may amuse the young children especially it shows again how the camera of the iPhone can be used to many other things that the photo or video.

The game is offered here on the AppStore at a price of 0.79 euros

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