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SoundTower: the iPhone dock which HIFI

Friday, October 30, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 10:34 AM

A test sent by one of our readers, thank you to Vincent (if you purchased an accessory and want to share vottre enthusiasm, please, send us mail with pictures!). And ... of course precisely: tickets not sponsored! ...

If we now iPhone is because history has started with the iPod, many of us have had an iPod and we have long hoped the output value. Do not forget, however, a primary function of the iphone: listening to music.

Today there are many docking stations for iPod and iPhone, most of poor quality. Philips has recently released the SoundTower (model DCM-580). No compromise between sound quality and size of the station, it measures a yard high: Philips has chosen sound and design.

If you want to have the nickel it needs space for speakers, it is equipped with a 4.1. A subwoofer is indeed incorporated into the station to complement the other speakers that allow the total provide 140 W RMS (one hundred forty!!)

Besides the sound quality of the station, the designers at Philips we thought Cover Flow. It is possible to turn the iphone when it is inserted into the base and thus access the menu COVER FLOW: Class.

LIVING SOUND The process allows to restore a sound space as if the speakers were distributed in the room.

At present, the station also has an FM tuner, CD player, a USB input that plays MP3s and an input jack for connecting an old cassette walkman for example. In short, the interest that made us choose the iPhone, several devices into one, will encourage us to choose this one designed on the same model. I forgot: a remote control allows to control the remote station, it is obviously compatible with the iphone and can change a song, pause, ...

My opinion: After having tested several stations, I was looking for with the best sound quality if possible to replace all that you have the habit of going to the TV. This station is great I recommend it highly. The price does not go into detail € 399 (see here) yet, but the holidays approach it could fall?

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