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A case with a flash for the iPhone

Thursday, November 12, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 3:42 AM

Quirky, which provides protection to market iPhone has a flash is not the first company to think. We had indeed seen it there for many months.

Quirky's solution is different, it is to integrate a button battery (so fine) in an iPhone shell with a flash. It will not be automatically coupled to the photo application, but will be triggered in advance by the user for 10 seconds.

More anecdotally, a mode flashlight is also proposed, he leaves the light on. The lithium battery should allow integrated according to the site which runs the project, approximately 10 hours of light: it makes a lot of night photos

The flash box is virtual iPhone for now, the project has indeed recorded some 250 reservations on the 500 it needed to be made. The expected price is $ 32

Would you be interested?

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