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Motorola Droid: A Flop?

Thursday, November 12, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 3:39 AM

As you know, these days began with the United States market under the new Motorola Android 2.0. And the first statistics on the 1st Weekend have not made wait

Sale of various smartphones at their 1st weekend of launch:

The comparison is clear, Android certainly ahead of the Meadow, but is unable to match if only the old EDGE iPhone. As for 3G iPhones and 3GS, a gap is widening ...

This does not mean that sales of new Motorola will stop here ... But analysts say the success of a product is seen and done during the first weekend of sales.

Many believe that the price of this smartphone is much too high (same as that of the iPhone) and prefer in this case, the firm's apple ....

In your opinion, this flop is associated with a new 2.0 Android not good enough, the phone itself which does not correspond to the needs of users or a market that was already equipped iPhone ...?

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