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New iPhone software free chat Blackberry messenger

Monday, November 9, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 6:55 AM

For iPhone, there are several chat software comparable to the famous Blackberry messenger, very popular with its users. It is indeed an economical alternative to SMS to stay in contact with his tribe.

We had talked to Ping in this note, to use, it is convenient with the necessary support and push works quite well. But ... it is now paying for our ticket.

So for those who want a free solution with features similar Buzzme here!. The use is very simple, you choose a nickname and you can start sending messages to your contacts buzzme. For bringing a feature to send a message offering keur load and install the software. The push works well, you can associate custom ringtones to your contacts to recognize by ear ;-).

These are some catches:

A software to download for free on the AppStore, hoping it will remain free (condition in my opinion necessary for one of these programs become a quasi standard).

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