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Signs: a dictionary of sign language in your pocket!

Monday, November 9, 2009 , Posted by Ahmad Ababnih at 6:52 AM

Signs is a new application available on the AppStore. It is intended to help those who have in their entourage of deaf and hard of hearing people speaking "LSF" and want to explore this language.

Caution: She did not pretend to teach the language, but to offer an attractive tool to grasp the concepts.

The functionality of signs include:

A glossary of words and expression of everyday language and life firm: each entry is presented as a video, accompanied by a description of the sign and a mnemonic aid.
A rank of these words and phrases by theme: urban life, meet, work, consumption, life ...
A "phrase generator": by selecting several words or phrases, the user can create a phrase which, if it does not meet the strict grammar, allows a person does not speak that language to convey an idea to a deaf person communicating, for its part, RSA
The "store", a tool for downloading new signs made available each quarter. Indeed, to ensure an easy download of 3G application, the application is loaded with 50 signs, the "store" understands initially and another 150 will be expanded to 200 signs every three months.

The proposed signs is available free And was made possible with funding from the Disability Team, Capgemini, and the accompaniment of many university teachers

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